The Chinese Technology Giant Has a Wonderful Revival

The Chinese Technology Giant Has a Wonderful Revival

According to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, Baidu hares (NASDAQ:BIDU at leapt by 20.6% in February. The Chinese technology specialist has made a big difference from the entrance into the Electric Vehicle (EV) room of the business, even though selling for the tech sector at the end of the month.

Recent studies say that Baidu is likely to play a significant role on the electronics market, and key search, digital advertisement and artificial intelligence firms seem to have also rebounded in China’s strong success. In February the firm posted excellent results for the fourth quarter and received a swell in analyst coverage.

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On February 17, Baidu released its Q4 results and revenue dropped short of the analyst’s average goal, but earnings were well above estimates for the time. The corporation reported an estimated income of $4.64 billion of $3.08 per share and an average consensus estimate of $2.49 per share with $4.66 billion in revenues.

After years of poor results, the group expects revenues in its core business to grow by 26% to 39% in the first year. Net sales for this period are predicted to amount between $4 billion to $4.4 billion, nice at an estimated midpoint of growth of about 20.5% year on year.Even with the recent retrofitting of the firm, the enthusiasm of joining the EVs led to the rise in inventories of approximately 123.5% over the last year. The (NASDAQ: BIDU) group has been one of the most aggressive early leaders in the area of self-driving cars, and there may be great potential for integrating their capabilities with EV business expansion initiatives. Baidu has nearly $89 billion market capitalisation, trading at 24.5 times the projected earnings this year.


After the beginning of December, the investment thesis Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) has seen its share price double. While there are many bullish drivers, it is enough to claim that the company has always been enthusiastic to market and sent the parabolizing stock of Baidu in electric vehicles. Baidu saw the share price as high as 170% after the trough in March.

By the way, the Alibaba Group (BABA), another Chinese internet company, has had a tough time in which the authorities crack down on its eCommerce sites with their monopolist activities. In short, the IPO suspension of Ant Group, its Fintech team, was subject to increased scrutiny.

The competing fortunes resulted in Alibaba’s stock being discounted while Baidu’s shares were being championed by investments. A reader correctly indicated that Baidu’s share price is now nearly equal to Alibaba’s. If someone said that this could happen as recently as late October, he will find few faithful. There are many other good stocks like nasdaq plugIDEX, you can get the information from