Start a business on a shoestring budget with these successful business ideas

Start a business on a shoestring budget with these successful business ideas

This article will show you how to turn your business ideas into a reality even if you don’t have the capital to start. Three types of solutions can help you launch your business to success. First, creative resourcing and sponsorship. Then comes peer to peer lending. Finally, government grants and small business loans are available.

Creative resourcing, sponsorship

My friend was working hard to raise funds to purchase solar panels. She planned to install them in remote villages to run basic infrastructure items such as well pumps and lighting. This would allow people to work after dark. She found a company manufacturing next-generation solar panels after persistent and repeated attempts to raise funds. In exchange for their public relations, they offered to provide the panels. Mission accomplished.

This is an excellent example of persistence and willingness to find solutions that lead to the results you want.

You can use your imagination to find warehouse space, call center space or free consulting. Would you agree to clean an empty cubicle in exchange for office space, a phone, and access to fax and photocopiers? You might be able to find someone with warehouse space and offer your services in return for a portion of future profits. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get the resources you need to start your own business.

Peer to peer lending

This type of financing, also known as social lending or person-to-person lending, is quickly growing in popularity because banks are less willing to lend money. Peer to peer lending does not involve high interest “pay day” lending firms. Peer-to-peer lending simply involves borrowing money from private investors at reasonable rates.

Many websites now offer peer-to-peer lending. You may find that many of the people lending you money have connections and business backgrounds which could be beneficial to your success. These people are not meant to be considered as financial sources. However, they have an interest in your success and the repayment of your loan.

Small business loans and grants from the government

You may not have considered it, but the government has an interest in creating new successful businesses. Businesses that succeed create jobs and pay higher taxes. There are many tax benefits that are specifically designed to David Barrick Brampton stimulate small business growth. Additionally, grants are available to support new business creation in a range of industries. Grants are available to support the creation of new technologies and alternative energy businesses. Others grants are specifically designed to encourage women and minorities to become business leaders.

Call your local state corporation commission to find out more about grants available in your area. Meet the staff and ask them for information. Ask them about training programs that can help you obtain grants. Also, how to write a grant proposal so that your chances of getting the money are higher.

Small business loans are available for areas that are not eligible for grants. If certain conditions are met, the loan may not need to be repaid.

You must decide how serious you want your company to succeed. You’ll be amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness displayed by some of the greatest business leaders. Peer to peer lending, government grants and loans are available for those who can’t think of creative solutions.

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