International Conference Call Options

Conference call technology has evolved very quickly over the last 10 years, especially with the introduction of cloud computing service and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It used to be that when you had to do a corporate conference call, you had to sign up for a service and sometimes, it came with a moderator, which most small businesses could not afford. Then came a service like Free Conference Call out of no where, that promised all the bells and whistles that big companies were paying for, but for FREE. Many thought this was a trick and there was a catch. Some thought it was just a matter of time before Free Conference Call services start charging for their services. But to everyone’s surprise, the service is still free and on top of that, there are new entrants into the space offering the same service for free. This is because of the breakthrough in internet technology that allowed for using Voice over Internet Protocol for phone calls, which brought the price down considerably.

However, so far, most of the services offered by free conference call services have focused on domestic audience and application. For example if you live in the US, there are countless free services you can use to make your calls. But how about international conference call services? Are there VIOP services out there that will allow you to make free calls with clients or people overseas? How about with people from multiple countries? Do they get charged international rates to join the conference? In our next article, we will look at options for free international conference calls and which providers are worth considering the next time you want to organize a call with people abroad.

Video on Benefits Call Tracking Software

If you are sitting on the fence about whether to invest in call tracking software, you have to read this. For starters, what is call tracking software? Call tracking systems allow you to measure which marketing campaign, channels or medium leading to the most phone calls and conversion. And you are probably thinking, that should be obvious, right? Well, it is not standard practice even though companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing that require customers to call a number. For example, if you are an attorney and are trying to get clients, you are probably placing advertisements on TV, Bill Boards, Radio, on Buses, Subways etc. If you are using the same phone number on all the ads, how do you know which ad is generating the most phone calls and which ones are converting into clients? See the video below of why you need call tracking system to measure ROI of your ad efforts.

As you can see, not only is it essential to track your ads to make sure which ones are converting, but you can also get a lot from call tracking metrics software provides. You can see call duration, frequency, and you can integrate this right into your website to help you get more analytics from Google Analytics. There are all kinds of companies that can benefit from tracking their calls, including attorneys, fitness places and gyms, schools, healthcare companies, infomercial companies and pretty much any company that advertises (both online and offline) that require people to call them as part of the sales cycle. If you have to find out what rings your phone, then you need to invest in call tracking so you can find out a lot more. You are also able to record the phone calls and use it for training your sales representatives or agents.

Wow-New Crossfit Diet

Those who are interested in learning exactly what CrossFit is ought to understand that it is not easy to comprehend CrossFit by merely reading a couple of lines about it. CrossFit dieting is an exceptionally healthy program that teaches individuals about the value of having a well balanced diet and the importance of doing a lot of physical workout.

One of the most crucial components of a CrossFit diet program is the nutrition. If you start going to such courses regularly, then you can enjoy the suggestions received from professionals. They will teach you ways to alter your diet plan in a gradated and healthy way. Most people have specific eating routines and they completely alter them when they find out about a new diet plan that seems to have worked for a pal. They disregard the fact that the body is already used with a diet plan and that completely altering it will definitely trigger digestion problems. At CrossFit, the Paleo nutrition is introduced bit by bit, as the body needs to get accustomed to it.

The present method of life is totally various from our ancestor’s means of life; regrettably for us, they were healthier and happier, so this is what Paleo is attempting to obtain. Cross fit health clubs motivate making way of life changes such as diet an nutrition in order to acquire better overall wellness.

After you carry out the extreme CrossFit in Orange County or other major city, you require a great deal of energy and you can get it by consuming great deals of vegetables and meat; the seeds and the nuts are also recommended, while the fruits eaten need to be the ones that are reduced in sugar. Such a nutrition plan will assist you stabilize the insulin levels, lose fat and improve the intestinal system’s activity. You will feel great and look much better, which will help you obtain the best shape you have actually ever had!

All diet plan plans are not made equivalent. Some excel, many are worthless, some are downright harmful.

The 6 Golden Policy of an Excellent Diet plan Plan will certainly steer you far from the harmful diet regimens that utilize unhealthy fat burning gauges to the ones that are protected. By discovering these policies you should have the ability to uncover the LAST diet regimen plan you will certainly ever before require. P90X3 Nutrition Plan

1. Promotes Health over Fat burning

It seems counter instinctive to place weight-loss in second position to health and wellness when it comes to diet plan plans. Isn’t really weight loss all regarding weight loss?

Not really. Let me explain.

Your main worry needs to be wellness, not fat loss. A lot of people gamble away their wellness attempting to achieve fast weight-loss fixes. Keep in mind, you’re the one that has to cope with the repercussions of your weight management options, not diet coordinators.

Right here’s a reality pill we all have to ingest. The MAIN interest rate of several marketers in the weight reduction sector is to generate income. If they can get your cash by encouraging rapid fat loss outcomes utilizing methods that compromise your health they’ll do it. So … BUYER BEWARE!

2. Not Drastic

By drastic I suggest the starvation diets, the extremely low carbohydrate diets, or the ultra restricted calorie diet plans. Put simply, your body functions better and healthier with an appropriate intake of health and nutrition, carbohydrates featured.

Did you know that your body quits burning fat the moment it’s self-preservation device is triggered? The thyroid glandular in your neck has actually been set to recognize when the body is being denied and will practically close down the burning of fat deposits to safeguard itself.

Hunger design weight loss actions are doomed to failure because your physical body won’t permit it.

3. Understandable

The diet regimen strategy you pick should be simple to maintain for extended periods of time, like months, otherwise years.

It ought to be oriented to lasting lifestyle adjustments. When the lifestyle alters are executed the diet regimen plan should end up being a lot a part of your life it can be adhered to intuitively.

I despise both week diet plans that appear like Marine boot camp hell week. You should not be expected to muster up very human determination to maintain them.

6. Delightful-

Yes, delightful. If you despise the diet regimen program you perform you won’t last long sufficient to obtain positive results.

The meals menu selections need to look and taste great and the physical exercise referrals should be manageable.

Once again, just how typically will you consume evil flavored glop or shriek for mercy trying to perform agonizing physical exercises prior to quitting?


Do not be attracted by diet regimen plans that vow on-the-spot substantial fat burning outcomes, with either no deal with your part, or harmful wellness threatening concepts on the plans component.

If the diet strategy advertises long term health and wellness, isn’t extreme, is understandable, follow, and keep, then it’s possibly worth your while to experiment with.

P90X 1? 2? Or 3?

Making the choice to be fit and healthy is a decision many people are making today. Considering that there are a lot of various programs offered, many are locating that it is hard to make a decision regarding which one to make use of. Making the choice for the Seaside Physical body Ultimate reset is an alternative for some.

This regimen assists you tone and tighten up the locations that you wish to flaunt on the seaside. For females this implies the waistline, legs and arms certainly. For guys it often implies the stomach.

Making the selection for the regimen will certainly also depend upon the expense as well as the location where the regimen is being run. Some gym and fitness centers provide trainings that can help you remain motivated to finish the program and get the results that you are trying to obtain. For many individuals dealing with a companion is a wonderful means to remain determined and on the right track.

Finding out about the different choices that can be made will certainly be very important for a lot of factors. You wish to obtain the results you are anticipating of program. Secondly however you wish the program to be cost effective at the same time.

When beginning any type of sort of workout regimen it is essential that you first contact your medical professional to see to it you are healthy and able to perform the exercises that will be required. By making certain you are in shape sufficient to begin the program you could stay clear of a number of various problems.

All the P90X3 Workouts

When picking the regimen, you will have a certain set of targets in thoughts. This may consist of toning and tightening specific areas or it might be a throughout the body thing you are attempting to achieve. In addition some will be attempting to boost the muscular tissue mass in a particular region.


Deciding on the program such as Physical body Beast or Beachbody Training will help you with your whole physical body. While some regimens will certainly target particular areas, these programs work the body as a whole, with certain days targeting specific regions. As you resolve the program you will start to notice the toning and tightening up taking place.

Using the Coastline Physical body Ultimate reset can aid you come back in form if you have actually stopped working out for any factor. Making the choices that need to be made for your physical fitness will certainly be necessary. Considerations need to be made for the cost along with the time that will be required.

TRX Training

TRX Exercises 

Trx fitness is most definitely a solution to tune up your entire body. It’s the only remedy that utilizes your body weight to aid you obtain your preferred outcomes. It offers the selection of exercises through which you could shape up your physical body by commixing various muscular tissue physical exercises according to your physical body requires. Trx Suspension Training is style in a way to offer perks to those which are fond of building muscular tissue and slim down. It additionally caters the demands of those who wish to remain in good condition and healthy and balanced. It’s a total health and fitness option for the entire physical body. As some of the workout devices, like ab-king-pro or various other muscle-specific devices, focuses particular muscles of the body. This cause the work out of a specific physical body component but trx fitness lets you gain strength and physical fitness by strengthening your entire physical body. There are different tutorials readily available with it where you can take on workouts either for losing weight, general fitness or for gaining strength. The workout very in style and fashion and it becomes tough for obtaining exceptional outcomes specially in shedding fats and gaining strength.

RX Lean DVD Package offers you like a physical fitness instructor:.

Trx Suspension Training is extremely basic product that can be utilized as a whole objective training. It supplies a distinct mix of exercises that allows you to execute several physical fitness physical exercises. It offers you the facility to work out the optimum muscular tissues that develop part of the standard fitness with a few simple physical exercises. Trx Lean DVD Package has a combo of workouts whereby you could learn how to use the equipment in forming your physical body. These videos can be comprehended quickly. It is much like viewing your preferred health and fitness show. While watching the tracks, you could learn the workouts applicable to your very own fitness program and you could practice them with concentration of muscular tissue tension. The goals can be achieved by detailed concentration on your work out.

Drop off your added fats:.

Fast foods and carbonated cold alcoholic beverages have given rise to glutton people. Individuals primarily claim concerning the fatness and stress over their figure as they locate it tough to lower their weight and size. Trx Suspension Training verifies to be a teacher for this type of folks. It is really mobile to bring and save time by providing the chance to exercise in your home. Its straps lift the weight of the individual and help them to perform the physical exercise which they hesitated of doing it. The main issue fat people experience at a gym is that they can not raise heavy weight to lose their weight and because of the very same reason they can not also do exercises which do not include equipments’ as an example, problems and pushups. With Trx fitness perform the challenging physical exercises in simplicity as it utilizes your weight along with the gravitational force for your very own fitness purposes. Physical body sacrifice high fats can be concentrated and formed through it.

Increase your efficiency:.

As most of individuals do their programs work either in business or at the workplace for which they are needed to be physically fit enough however most of the sportsmens or workers from militaries should be solid sufficient to perform their job. Trx Suspension Training can be made use of for achieving power effectiveness via its harsh mode physical exercises. The level of problem can be increased at novice, senior and advance degree. The users can monitor their necessity of trouble degree by increasing the level time to time. It can be used to training camps as it occupies much less space. Military workers and sportsmens can hold it to training camps where they can effortlessly take it out of the bag and install it effortlessly together with the wall or anywhere else. Athletes for instance tennis gamers could concentrate on the muscles they have to be strong for the better efficiency in tennis.

New BeachBody Programs, P90x2 Schedule and Les Mills Combat Schedule

P90x2 Schedule and Les Mills Combat Schedule



Below is a recap of the P90X2 exercise timetable:.

X2 Center.
The core is your physical body’s foundation: the factor where all movement begins. By functioning your core utilizing weakness, you compel your body to fire both its prime mover and stabilizer muscles in consistency. As you practice this routine, all your motion designs will certainly improve.

This incorporates traditional eruptive movements with thoughts and control drills to boost not only your rate and stamina, however your entire mind/body link, as well. Don’t do this one more compared to when weekly.

X2 Rehabilitation + Flexibility.

The P90X2 Recovery + Flexibility exercise takes this an action additionally by not only improving recovery, but additionally obliging your body to realign to market better overall functionality. This workout additionally supplies you with a total extending routine for those days you choose to function without the foam roller. Les Mills

X2 Total Body.
Incorporates resistance and instability to guarantee that your physical body uses the correct muscles in the offered movement. Traditional isolation movements that could result in muscular discrepancy not welcome here. In this exercise you’ll gain every repeating, and kind is king.

X2 Yoga.
Yoga’s typical perks of relaxing the physical body and bring back the thoughts exist yet will certainly take a back seat to raising isometric power, enhancing your range of movement, and building essential stabilizer muscle durability. This is yoga exercise, X2 design. Yoga exercise is a fountain of youth and to us, remaining youthful methods remaining sturdy and supple.

Harmony + Power.
The relocate this exercise force center rigidness under duress by integrating toughness and eruptive movements. As you improve your physical body’s link between balance and power, your physical body positioning will certainly improve, unpleasant aches and aches will minimize, and you’ll manage to drive far past excess you when thought you had.

Chest + Back + Balance.
The same mega pump that was P90X Chest & Back now acquires an included bonus offer, a range of unpredictable platforms designed to make your body make its muscle. As you boost at this workout, your strength gains will certainly be superior to those made with any kind of typical weight-training exercise.

X2 Shoulders + Arms.
Shoulder instability causes an array of traumas experienced by numerous of us as we age. By keeping our shoulders and arms strong and in harmony, we could stay clear of breakdowns. Which, together with looking good in other words sleeved shirts, is the approach behind the production of X2 Shoulders + Arms.

P90X2 Workout.

Base + Back.
Working the physical body’s two biggest groups of muscles in one workout could seem sadistic however the majority of individuals seem to discover this pull-up and plyo extravaganza very amusing. It’s the sweatiest “weightlifting” exercise you’ll ever before endure, uh … encounter.

Article Activation Potentiation Lower.
P.A.P. represents Post-Activation Potentiation, yet all you truly need to understand is that it is the innovative technique that equates in to performance. 2 four-round complexes of somewhat straightforward movements don’t resemble much on paper however these exercises have actually damaged the fittest athletes on earth.

Article Activation Potentiation Upper.
The very same intricate training style as P.A.P. Lower but this time concentrated on your upper body. Keep in mind when you were a kid and bounced around hopping fences and climbing up plants? Post-Activation Potentiation training will rejuvenate your young people. Gradually you’ll feel loosened, springy, and youthful.

X2 Abdominal Ripper.
“I dislike it. However I love it.” P90X2 takes you through a collection of center movements that’ll update your idea of just what an abdominal workout is supposed to be.

P90X2 Run Your Efficiency Fitness Guide.
This is your road map and your master plan for making use of P90X2. The guide gives tips for starting and important tips for how you can take advantage of the regimen. It additionally includes comprehensive info regarding the science behind P90X2, a complete outline of the three training stages, an in good condition examination, and a review of the suggested supplements and equipment.

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide.
Complying with the P90X2 nutrition quick guide is just as vital to your total success as any one of the extreme workouts in this program. Especially made to work in tandem with the P90X2 exercise regimens, the overview features three consuming plans, with vegan and grain-free options, which enable you to customize based upon your individual demands, plus over FIFTY dishes. P90X2 is not about quick fixes or wonder diets. It’s about selecting the healthy meals that you want to consume and figuring out the part amounts that will certainly give your physical body with the correct amount of gas to stand out during exercise. Because everyone’s physical body is different, the three strategies enable you to select the equilibrium of foods that function for you. Plan 1, Fat Shredder 2.0, is a high-protein-based diet made to help you strengthen your muscular tissues while simultaneously and rapidly shedding fat deposits from your body. Plan 2, Power Booster 2.0, focuses on a balanced mix of carbs and proteins with a reduced amount of fat to accomplish extra power for performance. And Plan 3, Stamina Maximizer 2.0, is a sports diet plan of complicated carbohydrates, lean healthy proteins, and lesser fat, with the focus on additional carbs. You’ll require this combo of meals as gas to get the most from your last few weeks and absolutely be in the best form of your life.

Tools to Keep You Encouraged.
P90X2 90-day exercise calendar to establish your workout objectives, track your development, and remain motivated. Free Online Assistance Equipment for accessibility to physical fitness experts, peer help, and motivation.

So as you could see the P90X2 is a quite thorough fitness regimen and much less expensive compared to a health club subscription, it truly is fantastic worth for cash, you obtain 12 workouts, nourishment plan, health and fitness quick guide, Ways to Bring It Again video, and a calendar to track your improvement.

Weight loss Battle

Many people struggle to lose weight. Hopefully the fight against weight loss just got easier. A new drug released by the FDA is said to deliver results without terrible side effects. They claim the drug is for people suffering from obesity and not meant to be used by people who are simply just trying to lose a couple pounds. However this is the same approach the government took with the drug phen-fen. We all know how that ended up. For more information please check out the link below:


Social Security Direct Deposit

The U.S. Government delivers Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits electronically to recipients. If you are a recipient, you probably know that a new law went into effect on March 31, 2013, which required that all U.S Government benefits issued through the United States Treasury department have to be delivered electronically. That means that the days of receiving social security checks via the mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) are gone. If you still receive your benefits by check, the U.S. Department of the Treasury will contact you about complying with the new law. Exceptions are rarely approved so you are better of figuring out a way to comply.

We can help. You can visit this website for more information about this new law. If you are worried about the safety of getting payments electronically, watch the video below. To comply with this directive, you have 3 options available to you. If you recently applied for benefits and did not sign up for electronic payments, this post is for you too:

Option 1 – Direct Deposit via Your Bank

Your first option in receiving your social security or veterans affairs benefits electronically is to sign up for Direct Deposit using your checking or savings account with your bank or credit union.

Option 2 – Direct Deposit via US Direct Express Card

The Direct Express card is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard issued by Comerica Bank on behalf of the United States Treasury Department. You can sign up for Social Security Direct Deposit using Direct Express. The way it works is that you visit the direct express website to sign up. Then you will give them your Social Security information to initiate direct deposit of your benefits on your behalf.

Option 3 – Sign up for an Electronic Transfer Account

If you don’t have a traditional checking or savings account, and do not want to sign up for the Direct Deposit card, your only other option to get your benefits electronically is to sign up for an Electronic Transfer Account, so you can receive your direct deposit. To learn more, click here.

If you are worried about the safety of electronic payments of your benefits, this video should put that concern to rest.

Video Explaining Obamacare Exchanges

It is no secret that Obamacare has been a political lightening rod for many. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is also called Obamacare will formally begin on January 1, 2014. However, sign ups for the Healthcare exchanges created as part of the program will begin in October. This is when the uninsured can go to their respective state’s healthcare exchange, view the various plans that are available to them, and sign up for coverage. The exchanges are a critical component of the program since that is where the promise of cost reduction is supposed to materialize due to competition from the various healthcare providers that sign up with each state. The video below does a great job of explaining what the Obamacare Exchange or marketplace is about.

As the video shows, there is a lot of benefits the law is going to bring to individuals and businesses. Even though some of the benefits of the law have already been implemented, including allowing kids to remain on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26 – a very important component that is relevant for the recent graduates and those who just started their carriers and cannot afford to spend money to qualify for healthcare on their own. Even with all that has already been implemented, the meat of the program is yet to be implemented, and the January 1, 2014 date is therefore very important for those who have been working on setting up all the systems that are relevant to get the entire program going and getting people signed up.

That is why when it comes to Obamacare Facts, you have to get it from a source with no spin. The issue is politically charged, understandably but facts are facts. There are obviously pros and cons and once the program rolls out, we will see which will outweigh the other.

Video on why Food Stamps are being Cut

The great recession increased the number of people on food stamps, with somewhere around 46 million people getting Food Assistance from the government. Websites like have detailed information on how to apply for assistance and the eligibility requirements. Naturally, with so many people relying on the government for their nutrition needs, there is bound to be abuse, and politicians in Washington tend to use those isolated or negligible levels of abuse to paint the entire system as bad and ridden with fraud. In addition, since the government is spending more money than it brings in, Food stamps have become a punching bad for any politician that is trying to cut government spending. Not a day goes by without news about how bloated the government debt level is and why all programs must be downsized or put on the chopping block. The video below shows life of people on food stamps.

As you can see from the video, it’s not an easy life depending on the government for food. There are restrictions on what you can buy or where you can spend that money. One of the states that will be severely impacted is the Florida Food Stamps program, which has seen a record number of people apply for Nutrition Assistance and will be hit hard if the money flow into the program is severely cut. For the sake of the poor families that have come to depend on this program as their last resort, we hope that they are saved from the worst of cuts, so that they can get the food they need to survive.

Florida Food Stamps Fraud Video

This video you are about to see is the state of Florida trying to address the rapid growth in food stamps fraud. The Florida Food Stamps Assistance program is one of the largest in the entire United States of America. My virtue of the demographics of the state, Florida has a high number of Food Stamp recipients. First, there is a large number of seniors who live on fixed income. As a result of the great recession, most of these seniors have seen their home values plunge, leading some of them to lose significant equity invested in those houses. In addition, their Social Security benefits are now being tweaked by the government to slow the growth of the program. As a result, the seniors have come to rely increasingly on the food assistance program for help. Second, there is a large number of low income families in florida who also rely on the state for food assistance. As a result, there is an unusually large number of people on the Food Assistance program in the state. As the video below shows, they have become prime targets for fraud.

As the video demonstrates, the high number of food stamps fraud is staggering in the state of Florida. Though the requirement are very strict, criminals have been able to slip through, either by hacking into the myfloridaaccess and checking the EBT card balance of legitimate recipients, or applying for a card themselves using fraudulent information. The state is therefore losing millions of dollars to scammers and fraudsters, thereby deny benefits to those who legitimately need it. The state is aggressively trying to get ahead of this by educating card holders about how to protect their information from phishing and other online tricks that lead to financial ruin. It is an uphill battle as these scams are getting more sophisticated, but with sustained effort, they will see results. Review Video

If you like to save money on gift cards, then is for you. This video explains why. The website is in a space called the secondary gift card market. What they do is that they buy gift cards from consumers, pay them cash for their gift cards, then resell the cards on their website for less than face value. They them make money between their buy and sell price – a win-win situation for everyone. The seller gets cash for a card they would otherwise not use and the buy gets a discount on a gift card, saving them money. Who does not like to save money on things they do everyday?

"gift card exchange amazon" is in business because people want to buy Discounted Home Depot Gift Cards or discount cards to Pier One, JC Penney, American Eagle Outfitters, Banana Republic, Kohl’s and Walmart among other popular retailers. As the GiftCardRescue Review video shows, the best way to buy discounted gift cards is to plan ahead. So, if you know you are going to be shopping at a particular retailer, or you are loyal to a particular retailer, you can sign up for alerts from GiftCardRescue and get emailed as soon as the gift card you are looking for becomes available. That way, you don’t have to be checking their website every time. You can also do a gift card exchange amazon, which allows you to exchange your unwanted gift card for credit and use that credit to shop on so, if you have a gift card you do not want, you can swap or trade it in for cash, and also gift card, which then gives you another source of income. That should be motivation for you to look through your draws and pocket books and purses and get all those gift cards gathering dust and get cash for them.

Green Dot Card Video

Are you looking for a reloadable visa cards that can allow you to perform some of the functions that a traditional checking account or debit card can do? We have the solution for you. The Green Dot Visa gift card is an excellent solution. There are several reasons why we like this card. The first is that it is issued by a reputable company. The Green Dot Corporation is one of the leaders in the reloadable visa cards market and have been issuing their cards for many years. You can therefore be assured that your card is issued by an industry giant, who will have the resources and tools to support your card once you purchase it. They also have a very robust website where you can check green dot balance and get your account information among other useful features, including reviewing your transaction information, looking at pending transaction, updating your personal information like address, email. You can also get information on how to reach customer service.

Here is a green dot video that talks about the card in detail. The video is produced by green dot so this is in their own words. Watch the green dot video and tell us what you think in the comments section of our page.

As you can see, the card is being sold to consumers as an alternative to checking account and credit cards, which carry large fees. Green dot, through this video commercial want you to believe that their card is a better alternative. The Jury is out on that claim.

Walmart Gift Card Video

The Walmart gift card is popular. In fact, it is one of the most popular gift cards on the market, next to Target, Visa, Home Depot and Best Buy gift cards. If you want to get the Walmart gift card, you should visit and you will be able to get the card you want. They have many card designs you can choose from. If you have the Walmart gift card already and would like to check Walmart gift card balance, then you can do so on the same page. You will have to register for an account in order to complete the transaction.

There are a lot of fraud with Walmart gift cards, especially since it is so popular, scammers have tried to use that to draw people into schemes. Videos like the one below is common online, especially on Youtube where scams abound.

You should therefore be careful when signing up for a contest or promotion online as they can usually be misleading and take you on a frustrating series of signing up for things you don’t want, so that you can win $100 Walmart gift card. In most cases, the draws are never held and the schemers keep your email address and send you marketing promotions.

American Express Gift Card Balance Video

The American Express Gift Card is one of the best and most popular gift cards on the market. That is why we get questions about checking the balance on the gift card. The easiest way to do that is to go to the American express website and find the gift card page. However, lots of customers find it difficult locating the page to check the balance on their gift card. This video helps you do that. Before you can check the balance on your Amex gift card, you have to have the card present with you. You will need the full card number and the 4 digit code in front of the card. In some cases, they will request the 3 digit code on the back of the card.

You can also check the balance on other gift cards. Check Home Depot gift card balance by either visiting the home depot website. You will need the card number and pin. If you card does not have a pin, then you cannot check the balance online. You will have to go in store. Also, you can check the Starbucks gift card balance the same way. Here again, you need the gift card number and pin to be able to do it online. Otherwise, you have to go in store or call the phone number at the back of the card.

American Express Bluebird Card Video

The American Express Bluebird Card video just released goes into further details about the benefits of getting this card, which is issued through Walmart. If you do not know what the Bluebird American Express Card is, then here is a quick summary. The card is a reloadable prepaid card that is issued by American Express in partnership with Walmart. It is one of the best prepaid cards on the market. There are a couple of things we like about this card. First, Walmart is behind it, which means that there are many places you can load money to your card – all Walmart stores nationwide. That makes it very convenient. Second, It is reloadable, which means that unlike traditional prepaid cards that cannot be used once the original amount is depleted, the Bluebird Walmart card be used again by adding more money to it either via online, linked checking/savings account or via cash at a Walmart location. Another feature we like about this card is that it comes with very low fees. There is no activation fee if you sign up online. You can also pick up an activation fee at any Walmart location for $5, which gives you a temporary card you can use immediately (once funded). The temporary card can be used to make purchases anywhere American Express credit cards are accepted, including online and via phone. Here is the video explaining what this stored value card is about:

As you can see, the card is being pitched as a checking/debit card alternative, which is interesting. While there are features that make the card very attractive, it cannot replace a traditional checking account/bank debit card. However, it is the closest product we’ve seen that comes close to replacing your checking or savings account – especially when you consider the wide acceptance and the attractive fees associated with it, versus what your local bank will charge you for a service like this.

Focus T25 Video

There is a new workout program in town, by Shaun T, the creator of the incredibly successful Insanity Workout Program. This new program is called Focus T25. Unlike insanity, which is a 60 day program that requires you to commit to the 60 days, T25 is designed for busy people who are on the move and do not have that kind of time. The workout is also shorter – 25 minutes each day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks. Therefore, the Focus T25 Workout is two weeks longer than the Insanity program, but the exercises take less time. If you would like to check out the program, see the Focus T25 Video below.

As you can see, Shaun T is aiming the program at those with busy schedules who would like to stay in shape but do not have the one hour required to do other programs. The whole premise behind T25 is simplicity, from the Focus T25 Calendar, to the nutrition guide, to the menu items, are all designed to be simple. In fact, it is so simple that is has been summed as the principle of 5s. You workout 5 times a week, eating 5 meals a day, that are prepared less than 5 minutes using 5 ingredients.  Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

Special K Diet Video

You have probably seen the Kellogg Cereal commercial that promises to to help people lose 2 jeans sizes by eating mostly cereal for 2 weeks. Most people see the claims made by the Special K Challenge as a stretch. First of all, who would like to eat cereal that long and not get tired, bored, or end up hating cereal for the rest of their lives? But Kellogg is standing by their claim, which they say is supported by research by nutrition experts at Purdue University – which was subsequently published in 2001 in the internationally respected and authoritative Journal of the American College of Nutrition. So, we wanted to find out if someone has actually taken the Special K Diet Challenge and has lost weight as claimed in the ad and is there a Special K Diet Video? We found this video by Kellogg, where they said they followed a real woman who took the challenge and got great results. Here is Tracey.

As you can tell from this Special K Diet Video, Tracey followed the program for two weeks, and outside of a few slip ups, she pretty much did it as prescribed and is very pleased with the results she got in 2 weeks. If 2 weeks can get you this, we wonder what a month will get you. But a month of Special K Cereal products? We are not sure about that. We think programs like the Focus T25 Diet plans are more realistic.

Nigeria Movie Industry Facts

Nigeria’s movie industry is perhaps the biggest in Africa. In terms of scale, it generates more revenue than many of the major movie industries on the continent. The industry has evolved over the last 20 years, moving from producing a few dozen major movies a year – to what is now hundreds of titles a year. Nigeria Movie stars are now well known around Africa, especially in West Africa, where their popularity has soured over the last decade as the Nollywood movie industry, as they are also called, has successfully permeated the sub region. Nigeria Movie Stars can now be assured of major fees per movie, thanks to their continental appeal.

However, the industry still lags, in comparison to say the South African Movie Industry, which has gone on to win Academy Awards. If you look at Nigerian Movies Online, the pickings are very slim. For the Nollywood industry to mature and compete on a global scale, it needs to focus on quality and not quantity as it currently does. Movies coming out of the industry have become predictable, with a narrow focus of plot and themes. Also, regardless of how bad a movie is, it is guaranteed to produce sequels, sometimes Part 1, Part 2, all they way to Part 5 sometimes. It will be nice to see movies stand on their own with one release, without stretching an already thin plot to several sequels.